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This is a 100% FREE resource website for web masters and website owners.

We provide tool charts with brief but informative overviews, plus directions on how to find Google's Official Webmaster Tools.

This is a personally owned website, not related in any manner to Google, Inc.

This website started as a simple "tool box list" on my wall. Under each tool name was the URL address. I created "keep it short" hints and reminders. After sharing the toolbox with friends, I started getting emails from friends of friends wanting copies.

My favorite tool, Google's "Search Based Keyword Tool," had a difficult URL path to remember. It was impossible to quickly share on a napkin. One day I saw the perfect domain name expire. I purchased the name and use it now as a toolbox of favorite Google Webmaster tools.

Why no ads? There may be some side bar ads in the future. The site gets up to 40,000 visitors a month, but like many visitors, I hate distracting ad-stuffed sites. So I keep it clean.

I only use original content. I put thought and re-writing into the brief descriptions. The goasl is to be short, but clear, honest and encouraging. Users say the brief comments help quickly understand the purpose behind each tool. They also like that hand-picked links give them a "no stress" path to explore new Google tools.

Major makeover due New Years Day 2013. The plans are for a bigger site with more Help Text, Guest Videos, new Webmaster Tools and updates: "What's New in SEO." As always, all tools discussed will continue to be NO COST! NO FEES!

Please email any suggestions. Hope you come back often!

C.B. Wilde, Webmaster

- This site receives no form of payment or service in exchange for content or comments made.
- This site collects no personal user information online and shares no personal user information.

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